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Projects by location

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CNM – $15 million for trades and applied technology facility

UNM – $45 million for center for collaborative art and technology

UNM HSC – $36 million for children’s psychiatric center



ENMU-R – $2.475 million for installation of fire suppression systems in three campus buildings

NMMI – $4 million to expand Bates Dining Hall



NMSU-Grants – $1.25 million to replace the roof at Martinez Hall (IT/library/tutoring)



CCC – $1.685 million to improve drainage and parking lots


Las Cruces

DACC – $1.35 million for roof replacement

NMSU – $48.5 million for the replacement of Thomas & Brown Hall (engineering), improvements to O’Donnell Hall and the Health and Social Services Building, expansion of Nursing Skills & Simulation Center


Silver City

WNMU – $2 million for renovations and upgrades to historic Graham Gym and road improvements to Old James Road



NMJC – $2.1 million for a new vocational trades building


Los Alamos

UNM-LA – $1.3 million for improvements to access control system, lighting, HVAC, roofing and building facades, installation of solar panels



Navajo Tech – $4 million for a trades building at Crownpoint Campus


UNM-Gallup – $3 million for the renovation of Gurley Hall



NMSBVI – $4 million for a residential cottage



NNMC – $3 million for improvements to parking lots and roads



ENMU – $9 million for a new student academic services building which would house student services such as Enrollment, Financial Aid, Advising and many others



Diné College – $5 million for new student services facility


San Juan College – $3 million for information technology infrastructure upgrades


Las Vegas

Luna CC – $1.5 million for heating, ventilation and A/C replacements, infrastructure improvements and ADA compliance upgrades

NMHU – $4.5 million for a new facilities building


Santa Fe

NM School for the Deaf – $1.4 million for infrastructure upgrades at preschool facility.

SFCC – $2.3 million for heating, ventilation and A/C replacements



NM Tech – $3.3 million for replacement of Kelly Hall Laboratories in Socorro



UNM-Taos – $3 million for improvements to Fred Peralta Hall (Arts)


Los Lunas

UNM-Valencia – $900,000 for roof replacements and solar installations



NM Tech – $5 million for NM Tech Playas Training Facility Upgrades



WNMU – $2 million for the completion of the new WNMU Deming Learning Center including infrastructure additions and installation of data cable

Project Details by Institution

Clovis Community College is seeking GO Bond funds to upgrade campus-wide infrastructure. This includes fixing drainage issues and upgrading parking lots and creating a more welcoming environment for students to promote increased enrollment, greater retention and more students graduating with certificates and degrees.

Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) is requesting 2022 GO Bond funding to prepare New Mexicans for the future of work and trades in a new Trades facility.

This request will help strengthen trades and workforce training in New Mexico by modernizing CNM’s Trades and Applied Technology programming. A new facility would better prepare students for the future of work through the creation of an innovative, state-of-the-art educational environment. It would spur enrollment growth through programming suited to meet the current and future needs of industry with greater specialized skills development for students. It would further strengthen CNM's existing partnerships with advanced manufacturing and varied industries such as aerospace, robotics and mechatronics through collaboration and an ongoing visioning process for programming.

CNM Trades and Applied Technologies are currently housed in three aged facilities on Main Campus. CNM's W building was built in 1966; its TC-W Building was built in 1973; and its TC-E Building was built in 1978. Modernizing our Trades and Applied Technology Facilities is an important step to further address the skills gap New Mexicans face while helping them prepare for the gainful employment of the future.

Dona Ana Community College is seeking 2022 GO Bond funds to replace the roof at its campus as well as plan and design needed infrastructure improvements.

Diné College would utilize 2022 GO Bond funds to plan, design, construct, furnish and equip a student services facility on the south campus of its Shiprock Branch. This facility would provide needed services to students as well as a gathering place for learning and sharing resources.

Eastern New Mexico University is requesting 2022 GO Bond funding to construct a new student academic services building which would house student services including Enrollment, Financial Aid, Advising and many others.

ENMU-Roswell is requesting 2022 GO Bond funding to install fire suppression systems in three buildings on campus: the Arts and Sciences Center, the Occupational Technology Center, and the Physical Education Center.

Installing these systems will enhance building safety for current students/staff and also allow for the expansion of Early College High School classes in these buildings.

Luna Community College is requesting 2022 GO Bond funding for Phase 2 of the College's HVAC upgrades, infrastructure improvements (paving, sidewalks, etc.) and ADA-compliance upgrades to improve the overall learning environment.

Navajo Technical University is seeking 2022 GO Bond funds to plan, design, construct and furnish a trades building at its Crownpoint campus so it can provide stronger technical education leading to better career paths for its students.

New Mexico Tech is requesting 2022 GO Bond funding for both its Socorro campus and its Playas Research and Training Center in Hidalgo County.

Playas Training Facility

This funding would be used to support additional federal funds that will pay for a variety of infrastructure upgrades at the Playas Research and Training Center, including rehabilitation of approximately 10 miles of road, repair and replacement of street lights, water system rehabilitation (fire hydrants are not to code, water tank leaks and water system failures occur), sewer system replacement and HVAC improvements.

Kelly Hall Replacement (Socorro County)

The 2022 funding would be added to previous GO Bond funding to pay for construction of a Kelly Hall building replacement. The new building will replace the aging facility with modern laboratory space that will aid in the facility’s mission of petroleum research.

New Mexico Highlands would use 2022 GO Bond funds to plan, design, construct, furnish and equip a modern facilities building at its Las Vegas campus.

New Mexico Junior College (NMJC) is seeking 2022 GO Bond funds for a new vocational trades building. This funding would assist the College with the planning, design, construction, furnishing and equipping of the facility to allow for expanded training capacity to align with high school students completing their entry-level career pathways and continue with intermediate and advanced training at NMJC. Also, with increased demand for short-term workforce training, the need to expand capacity and opportunity for the trainings and programs offered by the NMJC Work Force and Training Division has never been higher.  More hands-on, real-world training would be provided as well as customized training for Lea County’s local business and industry clients.

The energy sector is seeing an increase in demand for high-value occupations in oil and gas-related industries and NMJC needs more space to train skilled workers for the various energy professions needed in Lea County and New Mexico.  High-demand trainings positioned for growth in the Vocational Trades Facility are oil and gas training, lineman utility training, instrumentation and controls as well as welding.

New Mexico Military Institute is requesting 2022 GO Bond funding to expand Bates Dining Hall. An expansion of Bates Hall would increase the size of the dining room to comfortably seat the entire corps of cadets. This would allow cadets to sit in troops, which is important to cadet leadership and training practices as well as providing a better meeting space and dining experience for the corps of cadets.

New Mexico School for the Blind and Visually Impaired is seeking 2022 GO Bond funds to plan, design, construct, furnish and equip a residential cottage to provide a higher standard of care to students.

The New Mexico School for the Deaf (NMSD) is seeking 2022 GO Bond funding for the planning, design, renovation/additions and repairs to increase classroom capacity to address the current lack of classroom adequacy at its Albuquerque Preschool. The funds would also be used to address building conditions and spatial needs, including improvements to kitchen equipment, kiln room, doors and windows, HVAC equipment and minor work to address building interior and site conditions.  

New Mexico State is requesting 2022 GO Bond funding for a number of important projects.

Fifty-year-old Thomas & Brown Hall would be replaced and modernized to expand student-centric and experiential hands-on learning facilities for students from across campus. The project would foster research opportunities through multi-disciplinary lab space for student projects and faculty collaboration. Thomas & Brown Hall houses some functions of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, which has a growing need for space to accommodate rapid gains in research. The new design would also include a Learning Community designed to enhance student success.

Additionally, The New Mexico Department of Agriculture is headquartered at New Mexico State University but serves the entire state of New Mexico. Previous phases of this project, funded by severance tax bond and general fund appropriations, are expected to be complete in April 2023. Phase 3 will include replacement of the outdated original NMDA main building with construction of a new administrative facility to address statewide needs, including space for additional regulatory, Healthy Soil Program, and Food, Farm and Hunger Initiative staff. The new building and site infrastructure improvements will meet current codes for life safety and data, electrical, and mechanical utilities. 

GO Bond funds would also be used for Health and Social Services Building and O’Donnell Hall renovations. These two buildings house most of the departments in the newly created College of Health, Education and Social Transformation, which includes the previously separate colleges of Education and Health and Social Services, as well as the Department of Sociology. Renovations would help consolidate and integrate some departments that are currently housed in multiple locations and create more state-of-the-art multidisciplinary smart classrooms. The project would also provide capacity for planned growth in disciplines such as nursing and kinesiology.

Finally, the expansion and modernization of the Nursing Skills and Simulation Center would directly address the nursing shortage in New Mexico. The state has a shortage of more than 6,200 registered nurses and clinical nurse specialists. The renovation would create an operating room suite to be dedicated to the nurse anesthesiologist program and free up classrooms currently being used as lab space.

New Mexico State University at Grants would use 2022 GO Bond funds to make improvements to Martinez Hall, which was dedicated in May 1987 and serves as the main building on campus.

Northern New Mexico University would use 2022 GO Bond Funds to make necessary improvements to its parking lots and roads at the Española and El Rito campuses.

San Juan College is seeking 2022 GO Bond funds to support campus wide upgrades with state-of-the-art technology systems. This would be very beneficial in the San Juan College service area, especially for a significant portion of under-served, first-generation college students who live in remote areas and travel long distances to attend classes. The GO Bond 3 allocation to San Juan College would enable the continued expansion and improvement of remote learning by replacing cabling, fiber and aging equipment to enhance data quality, speed and internet security for students and employees. Additionally, server room heating, cooling and power systems would be modernized to provide increased network reliability. Finally, the installation of a network fiber loop would create an infrastructure that ensures network backbone dependability.

Santa Fe Community College is requesting 2022 GO Bond funding for essential HVAC maintenance and upgrades, which are critical in protecting the health and safety of the college community.

UNM is requesting 2022 GO Bond funds for a state-of-the-art Fine Arts facility. The Center for Collaborative Arts & Technology (CCAT) would reduce the space the College of Fine Arts (CFA) occupies in its 13 other buildings, consolidate its space to support student success, and would be a more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable use of space both economically and in energy usage. The funding would include new construction of a multi-story building with technical and equipment labs and performance spaces for Music and Theater, Art and Technologies, and Fine Arts education.

The current facilities prevent CFA from growing its potential in enrollment. In addition, CFA is currently not meeting a critical accreditation standard due to the absence of a dedicated performance space.

The project would allow CFA to maintain accreditation, grow enrollment and produce graduates of the 19 degrees and 10 minors offered by the College. The existing facilities are failing to do this and, as a result, all departments except the Film and Digital Arts Department in CFA are losing students.

Without a new facility, UNM's Master of Fine Arts in Photography program is in jeopardy of losing its rank of 8th best photography program in the nation. The Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art program could lose its ranking of 64th in the nation. The world's only Flamenco degree program could be lost. The Arts-in-Medicine Program which partners with UNM's Health Sciences Center and serves tens of thousands of people every year could be jeopardized.

The University of New Mexico at Gallup is seeking 2022 GO Bond funding to renovate both inside and outside Gurley Hall. Renovations would improve the use of space, the quality of space and proximity of spaces by increasing natural light. These improvements would create spaces for students to study, gather, eat and improve the student experience in accessing all the services UNM-Gallup offers.

This project would transform dated Gurley Hall into a safe and welcoming space to aid student success. It is critical in UNM-Gallup's attraction and retention of students, and could motivate students to graduate. Gurley Hall is the front door to campus; this renovation would provide formal and informal spaces for students to study, gather, eat and get assistance. It would provide students with access to administrative assistance, comfortable and safe places to study, work on group projects and meet with faculty and other students.

UNM Health Sciences Center is requesting 2022 GO Bond funding to replace its Children’s Psychiatric Center. This project would renew the current facility to enable intensive, modern partial hospitalization capabilities on its campus. Additionally, this would increase the capacity for programming and statewide telehealth support to patients and their families while providing the physicians and equipment to facilitate concentrated specialty care in facilities located outside of Albuquerque.  

The University of New Mexico at Los Alamos is seeking 2022 GO Bond funding for campus wide renovations. Projects would include upgrades to access control systems and HVAC equipment while also increasing campus wide sustainability with the installation of new LED lighting and solar panels. These upgrades would help increase enrollment, retention and the number of students earning degrees, because students are more likely to continue their academic career at an institution that they perceive as safe and environmentally responsible.

The University of New Mexico at Taos is requesting 2022 GO Bond funds for renovations to Fred Peralta Hall. Fred Peralta Hall was constructed to support art education in Northern New Mexico in 1996 and is the oldest building on the UNM-Taos campus. The proposed renovation would have a myriad of benefits including upgrading the lighting to high-efficient LED lighting with occupancy-based lighting controls. The benefits will be improved indoor comfort, air quality, and lighting quality while reducing energy usage and consumption. The renovation and addition will incorporate UNM energy-saving standards for lighting and plumbing fixtures, HVAC systems including upgrades to the building envelope (insulation, window performance upgrades). The upgrade of Fred Peralta Hall will benefit the campus facilities operations - providing cleaner and energy-efficient systems to sustain the activities the programs require.

Historic Graham Gym & Old James Road

In Grant County, Western New Mexico would use GO Bonds to renovate and upgrade its historic Graham Gym and make needed improvements to Old James Road, an important throughway in the heart of the campus.

Deming Learning Center

In Luna County, GO Bonds would help complete the new WNMU Deming Learning Center, including construction of a parking lot, installation of data cable and other additions to the new site.